Board Members

BGCW Board Officers and Members

The professionals who sit on our Board of Directors play an important role in helping make the Boys & Girls Clubs of Wiregrass a reality. Board members are involved on a variety of levels to ensure the fiscal, programmatic and operational success of the organization. Stewards of the organization, Board members take part in all fundraising activities, secure donations and support for our endeavors, recruit new Board members, attend monthly Board meetings, participate in one or more of our operating committees, determine policy, and provide oversight that ensures our organization will successfully grow to serve the children who need us.
Boys & Girls Clubs of Wiregrass is proud to be led by an incredible board of local leaders who offer their time, talent & treasure in support of our Mission to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. These members provide substantial expertise, support and commitment in leading our organization towards achieving our vision.

*If you’re interested in learning more about serving on our board, please contact Phillip Gilley by emailing him at

Mr. Scott Applefield           Chairman & Chief Volunteer Officer
Ms. Janie Hinson              Vice Chairman Elect
Mr. Robert Steensma         Treasurer
Mr. Josh Steltenpohl          Secretary
Mr. Sam Hathcock, III         Chairman & Chief Volunteer Officer Emeritus

Mr. Ty Andersen
Mr. Jarrod Barfield
Mrs. Julie Caputo
Ms. Becky Carter
Mr. Kevin Dorsey
Mr. Ben Freeman
Dr. Sebastian Heersink
Mr. Whitt Hewes
Mr. Mike Lewis
Mr. Mark O’Mary
Dr. L.A. ‘Tee’ McClimans, III
Mr. Rick Rikard
Mr. James Riley
Mr. Jason Rudd

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